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To Prevent Bruxism

Bruxism is a dental problem which is called as teeth grinding. It is common among people who clench their teeth and grind it often. It does not cause any harm, but it may result in serious oral problems when grinding occurs frequently. Your tooth gets affected due to continuous teeth grinding. There are various reasons for bruxism or teeth grinding. You can click here on various dental related web links to know more about the oral problem bruxism. There are ways to manage teeth grinding. The link helps to prevent and identify the causes of teeth grinding.
The article below is the common causes of teeth grinding which results in bruxism.

Common Reasons For Teeth Grinding
Teeth grinding is a common problem which happens due to various reasons. The main reason for teeth grinding is due to stress-related problems. This condition usually occurs during sleep due to anxiety. This is mostly caused due to crooked teeth or an abnormal bite. People suffering from sleep disorders often experience teeth grinding. It is difficult to identify that your suffering from teeth grinding as it occurs mostly during sleep. People come to know about this problem only when their family members hear them grinding their teeth.

Symptoms Of Bruxism
It is really difficult to find if you’re suffering from bruxism. There are certain symptoms which help to identify this dental problem. Continuous teeth grinding can cause dullness, headache, and soreness of jaws. Tenderness of your jaw and damage to your teeth are the major symptoms of bruxism.

Harmful Effects Of Bruxism
Teeth grinding does not cause any harm, but if it occurs continuously, you may experience several harmful effects. Continuous teeth grinding can result in teeth loss, fracturing of teeth. It may cause considerable damage to your teeth. You may require crowns, bridges, dentures or other implants to correct your damaged teeth due to bruxism. Bruxism can also result in affecting your jaws, and this changes the appearance of your face.

Ways to Stop Teeth Grinding:
You can visit your dentist when you encounter the problem of teeth grinding. He might check your teeth and offer you a mouth guard which can be used as a protecting shield to prevent bruxism. Identify the cause of the problem. Try to avoid stress as it is the major reason for teeth grinding. Consult your doctor as he can help you in decreasing your stress. Try to exercise regularly as this may help to relieve your stress and relax your muscles. Consult specialist doctors and treat sleep disorders as it can help to avoid teeth grinding.
Certain tips will help to avoid teeth grinding. They are listed below.
· Do not eat caffeinated beverages, colas, chocolates, etc.
· Say no to alcohol as it may increase the intensity of teeth grinding.
· See that you do not chew items other than food items like pen, pencils, etc. Also, avoid eating bubble gums as it may weaken your jaw.
· Try avoiding teeth grinding during the day. You can do this by placing your tip of your tongue in between the teeth.
The above are the various things you should know about bruxism and the ways to avoid it so that you can prevent yourself from its harmful effects.



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