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Choose The Best Treatment Option For Your Broken Fibula

Broken Fibula

Our body consists of several bones that keep the human body in a well-balanced form. The two major bones that form in our lower leg are the fibula and tibia. You must have heard about the calf bone. It is a small bone that lies in the outside of the leg. At the same time, we all have a weight-bearing bone in our lower leg. This is known as Tibia. People suffering from broken calf bone due to an accident or due to massive weight, opt for broken fibula treatment miami fl. It has become quite popular today due to its quality treatment; click here for more on fibula fracture. But, it is also possible to treat this fracture in your lower leg.

Symptoms of Fibula breakage
How would you know that you have some issues with your Fibula bone? You will come across some symptoms:
Bruising and bleeding in legs
Reduction or diminishing weight bearing capacity on an injured leg
Cold effect and numbness in the foot
Tender in touch
Deformity visible

What to do with fibula breakage symptoms?
Once you can realize that you have such symptoms of Fibula breakage, it will be your first step to show a doctor. The experts will go through the following steps once you visit them with Fibula symptoms:
Physical examination- The first thing the physician will do is a thorough examination of the body or the portion where there is trouble.
Test ( X-RAY)- The expert will make you go ahead with X-RAY. This will help them see whether there is any bone fractured in your lower leg.
MRI- This is also known as the magnetic resonance imaging. If something is not caught in X-ray, it will be suggested to go ahead with a more detailed scan. Even if there is any damage to the soft tissues of the bone, this MRI will help.

The treatment options for broken Fibula
The medical science has advanced. Thus, you will come across many types of treatment for a physical condition or issue. Also, the treatment can differ for different situations in an area. Following are the conditions and treatment options:
Closed fracture- This is the condition when the bone of the lower leg has broken. But, the good part is, the skin remains intact. The treatment will involve getting the bone again in the same position.
Types of treatment
Internal fixation surgery
Surgery for realigning the bone

Open fracture
This type of fracture is quite complicated. You can also call it the compound fracture. There is a pretty lousy situation of bone poking through your skin.
Doctors will provide antibiotics to remove the infection
A shot of tetanus will be provided when required

Physical therapy
Sometimes you may not be willing to treat through medicine or surgeries. The best treatment for you is in rehab and physical therapy. You don’t get any complication after surgeries or a side effect of medicine in this type of treatment. Through some exercise and movement of the body, your fracture can be mended.

The broken fibula treatment has many categories. You can easily choose the suitable treatment option based on your diagnosis and expert’s advice.

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